Microphone Live or recorded broadcasts from the portable LRAD 100X are heard above crowd and background noise to ensure every message […] The integrated push to talk button and large volume control knob allow for simple one handed operation. The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) was developed by American Technology Corporation (Now Genasys) and is a popular crowd control tool used by government agencies, law enforcement, and marine companies worldwide. The magnetic base and accompanying mounting yoke allows you to quickly secure the LRAD 100X™ to a metallic surface such as a vehicle hood.

LRAD® Corporation’s hardened, ruggedized MP3 player comes standard with LRAD 100X™ and is used to play up to 1GB of pre-recorded messages and warning tones.

The LRAD 100X allows for security personnel to communicate and warn large crowds or individuals from 600+ meters. Continuous Output

Wireless Kit 6.8 kg (15 lbs) with battery, accessories and cables, Construction

GPK MOUNT LRAD Corporation's Sound Solutions are ideal to address force protection challenges.

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The LRAD 100X™ can be permanently mounted indoors or outdoors with wall mount kit. Auxiliary Connector Featuring a rugged carbon fiber emitter head integrated with electronics and amplification, the LRAD 1000Xi comes standard with an MP3 Control Module for playing recorded messages and an all-weather microphone for live broadcasts. Constructed of 316 stainless steel for durability in harsh marine environments the ship rail mount can be attached to a horizontal or vertical rail. Headset Mic Perfect The wall mount kit comes with internally mounted streamer module and power supply. This extraordinary acoustic performance comes in a rugged package that can be operated in all weather conditions. SWAT teams can communicate safely and clearly to barricaded suspects, diffusing even the most difficult situations. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of page when looking at its layout. Dimensions Delta Scientific, manufacturer of counter-terrorist vehicle control systems, announced that its new bolt down DSC7090 beam barricade has passed its crash test, garnering an ASTM M30/P1 rating. Optimized to the primary human hearing range of 1 – 5 kHz, LRAD’s advanced driver and waveguide technology ensures every broadcast is clearly heard and understood, even above crowd, engine, and background noise. Highly intelligible speech transmissions over 1000 meters; *Max range of 350 meters over 88 dB of background noise. Compact, Lightweight, Long Range Communications. With the new handheld LRAD 100X, police and emergency responders can communicate clearly over crowd noise to control riots and issue instructions. The LRAD® Streamer Kit The LRAD 100X™ is 20-30 decibels (dB) louder than most megaphones. The LRAD 300X-RA is a compact, lightweight communications solution for use on small vessels, CROWs and armored vehicles.

The LRAD DS-60XL incorporates LRAD’s award-winning, highly intelligible voice clarity in a smaller form factor for remotely operated public address and life safety communications.Powered by LRAD’s proprietary XL driver technology, the LRAD DS-60XL has a 60° 900-meter range and the same form factor as the LRAD DS-60X. In cooperation with LRAD® Corporation, MDFPs are available with state-of-the-art long-, medium-, and near-range acoustic hailing devices to warn and communicate to crowds, individuals and potential vehicle/vessel threats over …

The LRAD sound is an uncomfortable audible deterrent tone that travels very long distances within a narrow beam of focused soundwaves.

LRAD's Long Range Acoustic Hailing Devices are tested and approved by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy and are are in service in more than 60 countries around the world. Audionation-UK subsidiary group AN-tactical and AN-optics bring their knowledge and expertise in electronic system integration to serve the Military, Security and Defence markets.

Max. 137dB SPL @ 1 metre, A-weighted. SHIP RAIL MOUNT The lightweight and compact wireless kit allows for wireless operation of the LRAD 100X™ at ranges up to 300 metres. The Shure Model 577B Microphone is a handheld dynamic microphone designed for communications that require highly intelligible, low noise output. The LRAD® Streamer allows remote communication on demand to any LRAD® system equipped with a Streamer Module.

One LRAD® Streamer per LRAD® system is required to stream to multiple devices at once. Injection moulded impact resistant plastic, 6061 Aluminium. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. VEHICLE MOUNT LRAD® (Long Range Acoustic Device ) is a breakthrough hailing and warning, directed acoustic device designed to communicate with authority and exceptionally high intelligibility.

Point Blank's Special Response Vest (SRV) allows an operator to quickly remove and configure the front panel of the vest with various pouches to meet mission specific requirements. mounts to Objective Gunner Protection Kit (OGPK) for vehicle mounted operations. 2014-2016, 137dB at 1 metre maximum continuous output, Overcomes 88dB of background noise at 250 metres, Reduces the risk of exposing nearby personnel to excessive audio levels. LRAD 100X The LRAD 100X is a self-contained, hand-held portable loudhailer that can easily be heard over the background noise of vehicles, vessels, sirens and boisterous crowds to ensure the messages and commands are MP3 Player Powered by LRAD’s XL Driver Technology for Greater Area Coverage.

Cops and Feds they are …

Average A 3.5 mm phone jack connects to a standard MP3 player or other audio device used in conjunction with the headset microphone. The LRAD 100X™ is 20-30 decibels (dB) louder than most megaphones. LRAD 100X™ The LRAD 100X™ is a self-contained, hand-held portable loudhailer that can easily be heard over the background noise of vehicles, vessels, sirens and boisterous crowds to ensure the messages and commands are heard and clearly understood. The Reebok Trailgrip Tactical boot features an active traction rubber lug pattern with outstanding gripping power.

Interfaces include a standard microphone as well as a rugged media player designed for easy operation in demanding environments. Li-Fe-PO4 Battery

We respect your data and privacy. Contact Defenshield for a custom quote. It can be easily transported to provide security personnel long range communications and a highly effective hailing and warning capability. American Technology Corporation has miniaturized its powerful LRAD technology for emergency responders. The Streamer Module connects to a TCP/IP network with DHCP or fixed IP address and the included software allows pre-recorded file playback, live mic playback, volume control and operation of high frequency alter tone from a networked Windows XP, Vista or Windows 3 PC system. They provide increase security coverage with reduced manpower and improve response times and coordination efforts. Officers can choose from a variety of styles to fit their mission. Attaches to standard 2” trailer hitch receiver.

Magnetic Mount +44 (0) 7810 200 653. • American Technology Corporation.

With the new handheld LRAD 100X, police and emergency responders can communicate clearly over crowd noise to control riots and issue instructions. The Zistos HD IR Zoom Camera is a self-illuminated, high definition, day/night, zoom camera with a 10x optical zoom—making it well suited to tactical applications. The lightweight hyper-cardioid headset microphone is included with the 100X wireless system and allows for clear voice communication with absolute minimal feedback. 35.6 W x 35.6 H x 16.5 cm D (14” W x 14” H x 6.5” D), Weight Enables operation using vehicle power system. The Leading Portable AHD for On-Scene and Tactical Communications In addition to featuring best in class broadcast voice intelligibility, the LRAD 100X is 20 – 30 decibels louder than typical bullhorns and vehicle-based P.A. By clicking the submit button below, you are agreeing with Bobit Business Media’s Privacy Policy and this outlined level of consent. June 1, 2009 • American Technology Corporation American Technology Corporation has miniaturized its powerful LRAD technology for emergency responders. Unit 10-12 Ivy House Farm Wolvershill, Banwell, BS29 6LB, +44 (0) 1934 642 555 The LRAD® Streamer software allows the user to remotely operate a single LRAD® device or multiple LRAD® devices simultaneously. Colour Options The LRAD 100X™ is the world’s best solution for portable on-scene and tactical communications. Very Poor. 3.86 kg (8.5 lbs) 100X tripod kit allows the 100X to be mounted at heights between 788 mm (31”) and 1727 mm (68”).

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